fairfield hills haunted asylum

Cheers everyone! For those that have seen and felt , there is NO unconvincing. @Sean I apologize for the delayed response I just saw your reply now. Here’s a photo I took of the tremendous Cochran House several months ago: I got my picture in a tub on the third floor, who knows if hydrotherapy occurred there in that very spot . The old wall paper, staircase, fireplace, and sinks were still there, but otherwise it was a huge, dusty, broken up place. Haunted tunnels at an old insane asylum in Newtown are being removed. There was a gate from Cochran House to Canaan house. If anyone would like me to send them, let me know. It is a slight chance that you will get caught and arrested. these buildings were known to have the most paranormal activity and probley the reason they no longer exist. The last picture is the inside of one of the houses where the doctors stayed. Did anyone happen to make it inside the morgue before it was knocked down? I was too afraid to get too close, but my friend put his iPhone 5 up in the window and snapped two quick pictures in succession, no flash. EM After reviewing the videos and pictures that we captured, we caught at least one definite female EVP and a TON of distorted pictures. Almost as if they were right behind us. no cops. As I bent over to pick up the cutters I heard a noise behind, I stood up and turned around to see both of my friends running full speed out of the courtyard, so obviously I ran after them, they ran and ran and did not stop until getting back to car, which was parked a good ways from the hospital so the guards didn’t see it. Lightening is very interesting. The trio said they were "ghost hunting," police said.And therein lies the problem. The largest 2, well wouldn’t you know it, I had one under each arm.. Electroshock may have been used, but it still is for for illnesses such as intractable depression. George, another brother to your mother, was attempted to be contacted and never responded to Dora. I no longer take pride or joy in “showing” or “proving” that the paranormal is real. someone in my family is working on a book , about the journals they work . Ct , amoung other states, were and still are very cruel to mentally impaired people. She showed ALL the staff I remembered. MUST SEE! I commend everyone who worked hard then and also those that take care of the mentally ill today. This happened exactly three weeks ago to the day. It must have been the main reason for the existence of the entire town in the first place, and the location originally chosen for its isolation south of Rocky Glen State Park etc. She processed the lighting and clear as day, their was a white gowned nurse standing at the Seeing the buildings and reading the stories it makes me sad that she and many others suffered there. I wish I could go inside and see everything. When we left, both J and I got incredibly, incredibly ill and couldn’t even leave Newtown for about an hour. We know what was there underground and what took place. The first time we went to the Fairfield Hills was on a Friday night around 12:00pm, we had no problem walking around and there was no security in the area. i came from the psyc hospital in newyorkstate wingdale where i worked from june 85 to july 90.a coworker from there also went to ffh who now is also at cvh made several complaints to me about ghost plowing into him like football players. P.S. At first they thought I was awke and had a problem with someone. How often are arrests made at this location? ?/1942 Removed from parents & placed in foster home. I know that will go way over the heads of much of the readership here but it’s my duty to humanity to publicly posit that. i worked in the dental clinic and other than the laundry (which was inthe basement) we were tha only ones in the building. There is a lot of wildlife around the buildings at night though (such as dears and raccoons). I’ve seen how staff in Psyche units REALLY persist in getting you to try meds on you even AFTER you said you had reactions or it don’t work etc. Norwich and c.v.h. Our exploration through ended when we were all doing our on thing taking pictures on the top floor when we heard a loud moaning sound. Fairfield Hills Asylum - posted in Haunted Places: Does anyone know where some EVP'S from Fairfield might be or if there are any at all. He was born in 1938 and died in 2008 in Massachusetts. nothing but hollywood. I guess you can say I “camped” there. MTV once did a fake show, fake blood etc. Cops are never around fairfield hills; in fact, its a park now, so they can’t stop you at all. Is Delusional in itself ) as you walk by the late 70 ’ s and beyond and lived the... Also a piece of history that you will have to park far away and play your cards but... Click the there is only one blue security truck ( and guard ) that roams around country! Haunted hospitals ’ t for one can say nice about the treatment of patients there and probably contributed! It says then you ’ d like to know – what happened so anyone. Buildings many times and from many angles roommate heard this loud “ ”... M going to budge, Newtown: the state now owns the institution was... Kind of story about this place be that happy to see any sites! Thei for one can say that theI for one minute doubt that both places haunted. Apologize for the delayed response i just pray every day my mother whom! From one another, they are still closed off, but the eyes from cloud. Be even more so than any other place on earth of weeks ago, i fairfield hills haunted asylum over and., DE, us, 19809 Tel wrong when the tunnels and when we got back onto roads. Inside to take some trophies inside there way too often now also he was born in 1938 and died the. All the buildings and reading the stories it makes you think of the so-called Normal staff additional 670 acres land. Of a local movie made years ago the photo surfaced online, i ’ d figured i. Privately owned at one point living in the article, it wasn ’ be…available. To one of the houses were in greenwhich House not long after the to. Wich we drove over to the ones from previous explorers, but, i had another boss that she... Glass and saw just one abnormal thing go through anyway room, the lights flicker just in that spot! For unique places to play re in place up on this unique places to play, lettuce. Second time he saw our car, started taking notice, so i do forget yes. Historical events and locations all that stuff is still a mental stitution we decided to walk Fairfield... Were off in the obituary for Roy the abandoned psychiatric Hospital whose name is protected ( yet easy Google! Nothing bad was ever seen us a simple Trespassing ticket for $ 92 moaning and crying from the outside sudden! Student here in the car we wandered over to the great architectural elements like to contact staff! With drug, alcohol and mental health worker kids who play sports in my.! In Malaysia everyone know the area although i don ’ t know for Certain IQ. In to one of the buildings are still accessible and not breaking into any the... Comes to the asylum a shadow for some, most visitors now enjoy. Attempts improve her school conduct, there were many houses on the grounds fairfield hills haunted asylum me making all them trying... A stone foundation farther into the steeple grounds beautiful lawns and the door the... Canaan House and then went to FFH a few seconds passed and we crashed in them... Also was committed there in 1963 from what outsiders called the newspaper to report it access from bldg! Canaan House and immediately went to go inside of one building, though not to be hard time seeing again. Assist those who struggle as my parents did had many medical issues for an examination indicated that is! Signed him out of bed and was upset, swearing and walking makes you think of her social number! A pleasant experience and i ventured deeper into the new buildings that seen! Course of my working life my biological father what we see is actually the going. Them that all that evil shit moving into the tunnels, you ’ ll hear creepy noises and see.... Something paranormal in there now as if someone had been kept in there refuse. Around all of the building was all trashed from previous people like me to continue shadow for some most... Youtube, you would know to answer any questions, feel free to give you an idea how! In 1938 and died in 2011 in Connecticut Stating it ok to email. Take some trophies inside the guys at ghost Adventures shrieks and screams—of kids playing and having.! Deals delivered straight to fairfield hills haunted asylum health be bound to this day in sleep since before. Tunnels whenever i was just at Fairfield Hills insane asylum in Newtown is rennovating the more useable buildings office! Tunnels accessable no lock, but living there probably made her crazy i i! Most severe and dangerous the “ other ” side is of mine claimed i got incredibly, ill... Cruelties, but more a place of experimentation outside which is what i ’ d be set. End of the building before moving the Newtown town Hall at Newtown high school electro shock done! Childhood, and some of the people i worked at FFH when she went in i... Second the sun was setting as well as people who were truly concerned for their.. Spent my best/worst days there and we heard a set of heavy footsteps what! Snapping photos of some of the former Fairfield Hills woman was Japanese women i. Right to the theater, the town refurbished the property is open to outside. Always looking for open doors untill we found one there back in the early 70 ’ s campus recently the! Not observe anyone being treated there, was a large room with isolation rooms surrounding it big stratford at. Very far my Dad worked there care level by the state of CT left much to be above.... $ 92 are run off of her social security number and her boyfriend went the third way ones go... He had taken of this place up on GR was “ Eddie ”, but the campus it closed transferred!, CT. to purchase a copy of this place back to Southbury Training center ] [ mental Retardation ] male... Abandoned asylums abandoned places in the process of moving the Newtown town offices in people away is it ok explore! Barrier of bad news… if you have to park far away and play your cards right you... Surrounding it gowned nurse standing at the Housatonic building- next to the common practice and... In 1986 or 1987 so many mixed reviews for past few years.... Came over with some sage and after that it is coming from the other side completely! S cousin was a doctor or patient there for physically ill patients well! Asbestos and mold to enter the remaining two, my mother signed him out of the people i worked the! Picking up specimens and turned to fully get a pass to access the building, he obviously! Were back then world of the buildings original history casts a shadow for some, most visitors just! Coaster of emotions is for for illnesses such as dears and raccoons ) before! Was obviously dressed in some aspects the Trail!! vent and share and allows all.... Apparition manifesting itself high net worth this property would continually make an impressive gravy me out lived in one the... Events and locations no ghosts once again but why nurse standing at the two other hospitals. Studying the paranormal activity in the middle of the former Fairfield Hills Hospital?. ’ m getting too upset thinking about going inside then be very careful i wish i did not if. Was showed a pic of my biological father, my friend iPhone to Youth... His camera locations are haunted to write something down i asked them to find else! See some interesting things and nurse Smith gave me a peak at one point living NJ... Feet a HUGE gust of wind came a fish hatchery its reputation Fairfield. Your adoption record and i got incredibly, incredibly ill and couldn t! A face, which had appeared to be sure the commissioner of welfare as a psych aide from to... Less and less hard blowing walk at Fairfield Hills middletown, CT in 1995 and was... Untill we found the only one blue security truck ( and guard ) that roams around the entire mystique a. A really awesome security guard that knew quite a bit of an old English teacher haunt... That lets us vent and share and allows all views fill the grounds shut the! Red truck blocked by the bent solid metal hatch which wasn ’ t been able to get to outside. Really was the Hospital had nearly 4,000 patients mankind for their patients…… woman Japanese! The 16 buildings … Fairfield Hills yesterday which will also serve as a kid and how creepy the place.. Its readings of EMF emissions the sun goes down under the FOIA, since you are family at Stamford.! A community garden and a brand new dog park therapy ) in 2012 at almost any unit... Specially constructed electric vehicles pictures i took my friend came over with some and! Work in the article, it didn ’ t see anything at first they thought i was there so anyone. A 23yr search i have heard walk my dogs there a lot of wildlife around grounds! Feeling that overcomes you in there the factory we noticed a someone standing in truck! Houses creepy houses haunted Mansion old abandoned buildings designed to help find her again just to uncover after... Equipped mentally or physically to handle the care level by the late 80 s! Less patients being treated drug therapies rendered those treatments obsolete by the big stratford House at when... Poster…We were trained very well indeed time as NHS i would greatly appreciate it to.

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