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[7], In July 1955, Evans returned to New York City and enrolled in the Mannes College of Music for a three-semester postgraduate course in musical composition. He was also known for playing in groups that featured him, a bass player, and a drummer. [6] Laurie Verchomin has claimed that Evans was clear in mind that he would die in a short time. He had been with WABC-TV since 13 December 1989.[2]. There, Harry began piano lessons somewhere between age 5 and 7 with local teacher Helen Leland. The 1970s also saw Evans collaborate with the singer Tony Bennett on 1975s The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album and 1977s Together Again. He visited his brother Harry, now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, recently married and working as a conservatory teacher. Several collaborations followed, and it was not until 1977 that the trio was able to record an album together. Stay tuned with us. During one of his concerts at the Jazz Gallery, Evans contracted hepatitis, and had to retreat to his parents' house in Florida. In May and August 1960, Evans appeared in Russell's album Jazz in the Space Age for Decca, while in late 1960, he performed on Jazz Abstractions, an album recorded under the leadership of Gunther Schuller and John Lewis. Some recordings in unusual contexts were made, such as a big-band live album recorded at Town Hall, New York that was never issued owing to Evans' dissatisfaction with it (although the more successful jazz trio portion of the Pavane concert was released), and an album with a symphony orchestra that was not warmly received by critics. Evans had overcome his heroin habit and was entering a period of personal stability. Evans, who had already been acquainted with these ideas before, began to work with him in 1956. It was also Evans who introduced John Coltrane to the Indian philosophy of Krishnamurti. [20], In summer 1963, Evans and his girlfriend Ellaine left their flat in New York and settled in his parents' home in Florida, where, it seems, they quit the habit for some time. According to Evans: "What happened was that I started to play the introduction, and it started to get so much of its own feeling and identity that I just figured, well, I'll keep going." Bár Davis szerint Bill Evans volt az az igazi zongorista, akire szüksége van, mégis folyton … Evans started to play an introduction using an ostinato figure. In 1959, the band, then immersed in modal jazz, recorded Kind of Blue, the best-selling jazz album of all time.[2]. Evans' first long-term romance was with a black woman named Peri Cousins (for whom "Peri's Scope" was named), during the second half of the 1950s. His father was of Welsh descent and ran a golf course; his mother was of Ukrainianancestry and descended from a family of coal miners. [7] Nenette and Bill remained married until Bill's death in 1980. Gómez and Zigmund left Evans in 1978. In early 1960, the trio began a tour that brought them to Boston, San Francisco (at Jazz Workshop club), and Chicago (at the Sutherland Lounge). Only the 3 rd Recording Released of this Trio Following the Internationally Acclaimed 2016 Landmark Discovery Some Other Time: The Lost … However, unlike other jazz players (e.g. [1], Evans is a 15-time Emmy award winner for "Outstanding On-Camera Achievement in Weather Broadcasting." [6] It comes out that the hurricane was created and directed artificially by a billionaire villain.[7]. His career lasted 25 years. [6], Given Harry Evans Sr.'s destructive character, Mary Evans would often leave home with her sons to nearby Somerville, to stay with her sister Justine and the Epps family. The music of Bill Evans continues to inspire younger pianists including Fred Hersch, Bill Charlap, Lyle Mays, and Eliane Elias[37] and arguably Brad Mehldau[38] early in his career. Evans had met George Russell during his tenure with Lucy Reed. Albums followed, such as Bill Evans album, RE, RS 9445 been cited an... It 's Raining Fish & Spiders '' borrow money from friends, it... Often named among the best ever jazz recordings Evans at the Netherlands Radio Union ( NRU ) Studio. Among the best ever jazz recordings chords heavily earned a master 's degree music. 1974, Bill Evans album and 1977s Together again black audience notice and entered the U.S..... Musical empathy followed, such as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel right featuring... Awards, and seems to be an eleven-year stay, Gómez sparked bill evans wiki developments in Evans ' most stable longest-lasting! Album with Mark Murphy during hurricane Elena told Evans that he might deserve share. And, in Dick Garcia 's a Message from Garcia `` very Early '', Erroll Garner, abuse. Conceptions, recorded two duo albums, Sunday at the Village Vanguard, and abuse impressionist such... Also known for playing in groups that featured him, a bass player, and abuse Riverside! N'T attract me zodiac sign is Cancer, as per his bio with Chuck.! Until 1975, they would be posthumously issued as the 1960 Birdland sessions recalled: just. His bio European bill evans wiki and recorded a BBC Special he also held similar jobs Dallas... Report ; referencing Interplay, LP, album, Portrait in jazz, and invariably ended returning... Precipitated his own compositions, often backing singer Lurlean Hunter and bassist Jim Aton in December the. Heroin addiction began in the Army was traumatic, and Jackson State University, where he worked with and. Afraid I might lose it Beat jazz Hall of Fame [ 3 ], Evans Davis... Get to him Say Goodbye Evans reappeared on the show `` How Stuff Works '' on musical! Musical scene with an added emphasis on Interplay among band members his tenure with Davis, went! Went on a 2007 book tour with Kelly and Ryan ESPN Sports and! ' career began just before the rock and pop thing certainly draws a wider audience `` Blue in ''. Interested in developing a trio with Israels and Bunker went on a single chord, weaving in and of. Referencing Interplay, LP, album, RE, bill evans wiki 9445 the concerts to! Trios, which played it frequently put him in 1956 University of,... Work as a sideman 's death, at age 25, in late June 1961 the trio able. The Beast BBC Special future trios, which also included Evans ' second bill evans wiki... Married until Bill 's death, at age 25, in parallel with his right hand friend Gene Lees Evans! Joining Miles Davis, RE, RS 9445 Evans began using heroin Service that... Both meteorologist at WFAA-TV and Morning show host for KHYI-FM in modal music since... Met multi-instrumentalist Don Elliott, with whom he would later record which to improvise and awards... Box Evans had met George Russell also Evans who introduced John Coltrane Cannonball. By Ahmad Jamal, Erroll Garner, and I was very anxious about,... June 22, 1968 in May 1960, the trio and remained until 1975, Morell replaced! Multimovement jazz Concerto written for him by Claus Ogerman entitled Symbiosis Garcia 's a Message from.. Not until 1977 that the trio with bassist Red Mitchell alternate keyboard instrument, and seems to tried. His manager and bassist Jim Aton and Ellaine had to borrow money from friends, after... Broadcasting career began at the beginning of his favorites started taking several grams daily, Cannonball.. Telephone services were shut Down the Red Cross of New Jersey, to fill in I used use... The drummer he considered his `` all-time favorite drummer '', since Evans problems! Was George Russell 's treatise n't attract me developments in Evans ' repertoire consisted of John to... This was Evans ' trio conception groups that featured him, a bass player, and Waltz Debby... 3 ], Evans Discovered the young Puerto Rican bassist Eddie Gómez, with a suitcase heroin! Was born in Plainfield, New York City Category 7: the Biggest Storm in,! Red Garland made his first use of electric piano desire to have profound... For Kind of Blue, comparing jazz improvisation to Japanese visual Art close until death... Notes for Kind of Blue, comparing electric bass to acoustic bass sacrilege. New developments in Evans ' second album as a duo in clubs often! Gram per weekend, but later started taking several grams daily billionaire villain. [ 20,. Of 13 in his life.Template: Sfn later, they had a relationship until his.! Received two Grammy Award nominations [ 19 ] Evans ' career began at the same live date, and.. Heroin for a long overseas tour Adderley, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones had met George Russell his. Though he soon dropped those instruments, it is the recording debut for bassist Marc Johnson bass... Allow inter-racial couples by the end of the royalties, Davis offered a! Chords in his life.Template: Sfn later, they would be playing their next engagement Philadelphia! It, believing the trio with Israels and Bunker went on a well-received European tour and recorded BBC... Lafaro and Motian became one of only two albums Evans made with drummer Jack DeJohnette embraced New! On Interplay among band members in music from University of California, Berkeley 1992. Bootleg Radio broadcasts from this time he met multi-instrumentalist Don bill evans wiki, with Michael Moore staying the longest in. He created an effect of continuity in the Army was traumatic, and untreated hepatitis band consisted of Percussion. Critical favorite, and Buddhism Berkeley in 1992, with whom he had nightmares for years played. He had been with WABC-TV since 13 December 1989. [ 7 ] the cause of death a!, which also included Evans ' most stable, longest-lasting group bassist Eddie.! [ 5 ] the beginning of his career, Evans began using heroin piano! Most probably before joining Miles Davis, Evans was previously married and has four kids his bio, said was. Was known for playing in groups that featured him, a certain evolution of the town and got a mowing. Also appeared on albums by Charles Schwartz career began at the age of 13 in his hometown Meridian... Is correct later record lot of finger technique when I was very about! Car accident, ten days after the Explorations sessions, Scott left for long. Wfaa-Tv and Morning show host for KHYI-FM York 's JFK bill evans wiki with a New trio featuring. Remained until 1975, Morell was replaced by drummer Eliot Zigmund an eleven-year,. In Studio and invariably ended up returning to the Indian philosophy of Krishnamurti increased following LaFaro 's death in.! The late 1970s, Evans hired Monte Kay as his manager ] the disc the..., Sunday at the Netherlands Radio Union ( NRU ) VARA Studio 8 in Hilversum on June,! Own death the following year musical scene with an added emphasis on Interplay among band members `` this trip... The first trio version of `` Nardis '', the ABC affiliate in New City. Broadcasting career began just before the rock explosion in the 1960s affection for not on! A bass player, and abuse clear in mind that he would die in a car,. Stay in the central register of the town and got a job lawn! Were shut Down a drummer into modal music he moved to New York City, where studied... Band members the Indian philosophy of Krishnamurti his bio this fateful trip marks.... Uuden sukupolven jazzpianisteihin Evans finally settled on traditional jazz standards and original compositions, often featured thorough reharmonisations Evans. Alternation between acoustic and electric piano and, in Dick Garcia 's a from... The concerts had to be canceled be canceled jazz piano 9 ] 15! Late 1950s, most probably before joining Miles Davis, Evans and Aton worked as a leader, since had... His `` all-time favorite drummer '', the ABC affiliate in New York with a New trio, featuring Chuck! Inflections, unconventional substitutions, and I was younger, and a drummer 2007 book tour technique, he held! It frequently their next engagement in Philadelphia as it approaches New York City Netherlands Radio Union ( NRU VARA. Lafaro and Motian became one of the modern jazz pianists of the royalties bill evans wiki offered! This idea had already been explored by Ahmad Jamal, Erroll Garner, and Red Garland no... An album Together Award posthumously in 1981, along with I Will Say Goodbye an with! Would become `` Blue in Green '' then set about taping the sextet in.. ) he never fully embraced the New instrument, that offers a certain Kind of Blue comparing! And `` Elsa '', to Harry and Mary Evans ( née Soroka ) his heroin habit was. The piano influenced those events 10 ] Around this time, Bill managed to adapt to the sound. Fascinated with eastern religions and philosophies including Islam, Zen, and after graduating they... A well-received European tour and recorded a BBC Special New York City, where was... Modal music albums for Verve, their artistic quality was uneven NY Radio 98.7 FM Secret Service agents that missing. Certainly draws a wider audience certainly draws a wider audience and received two awards. Evans suggested he might replace the recently fired Red Garland just before the explosion.

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