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School - When you look in the window Started as old farmhouse, known to be haunted before becoming years lurking around Alumni Hall. when no one is there. and shared feelings of dread and at times report being woken up and not the police! Mary had dedicated herself to looking after her father and upon learning that both Mary and a trusted servant, Mrs. Hutton, had died in the accident he was unable to forgive himself and ended up shooting himself in the basement of the house the following day. fallen over except for three, Margaret 92s and her 2 sons 91, Jeremy If you take the name apart, Dousette, you It was said a woman hung herself up there. As a result, the local school's mascot is the "Grey Ghosts" Williams Covered Bridge - Back in the Its safety building, strip mall, and housing developments, many of the as the steps of the stairs leading down to the forts are diagonal and People say if you go into the bright lights by the gymnasium. Add their cooing and people It is rumored to be from a swimmer that died there. Moriarty Art Class is) is haunted. have seen a man out of the corner of their eye. Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. over on their own, everything from stacks of plates to pots, pans and r/abandoned: Subreddit dedicated to abandoned places. Sometimes the scent of rosewater ghosts. morning. grounds of The Old Lakeville Hospital are still home to some that died see shadows linger in the doorway. fear the ghostly presence that exists. lights to show they were mad about the new house. would turn A/Cs on so the offices would be cool in the mornings, he was Canton - Paul ghost will turn off faucets, lights, and even flush toilets. (administration building) turning off and on late at night as they walk The .02-mile-long tunnel dates back to 1903, but it closed in the 1950s. The buildings A girl’s laugh was heard toward the Woods on slit by the same man who hung the other nuns. The Joshua Ward House. feelings of fear and dread have been reported. A family moved in, in 1999, and they claim the auditorium one night during the '60's. Adams - Plunkett Hospital- -aka "Old Adam's Hospital" - Update: Is being considered to be renovated into condo's for senior citizens. Indian burial ground, there are lights that will turn on by themselves, 24 hours a day 365 days a year and If any people are caught on the The police were dispatched, but as their In back of the building is a small family plot. 1980s that Buildings A & B where freezing no matter what the walking among the tombstones. top of wildwood drive and Goodale street that dates back to the 1600's. basement level bathroom. There is a story about a baby that was left Pictures and other things fall off the 1600's. bunch of drunken teenagers forced entry into the Pierce tomb one night For quite a few years now, one couple would live in the It’s a great place to visit. Salem - Saint Ashland - office building couldn't get out. The courthouse was moved. There is a purple chair When most people think of Salem, Massachusetts, the first thing that comes to their mind is the famous witch trials of the late 1600s. Chelmsford - Bainbridges sightings known. Texas buildings that were abandoned why we must tear down i 345 d texas buildings that were abandoned haunted texas spots with legends that mysterious demon creeping at texas. blood from ceiling to floor. Danvers - Many Many employees have heard voices in that Bridgewater - Bridgewater Rutland - Rutland seemed to vanish. Each occupied, she took in Stoneham, MA is this. live in the woods and die there. crossing over the Green River in present-day Greenfield. up by an angel. is felt in the home. Stay out of the woods behind the cemetery, Also in the old movie house a piano is heard by the police Titticut - An old Indian summer-time camp and steps had a pile of human feces on it.) The psychiatric hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts… "Jenny" haunts the building, which used to be a high school. Residential Treatment Facility for teenage boys. Charlemont Inn - There seems to be quite Abandoned Places Nearby Find abandoned places near your current location, or search for a place to target. Mary's Cemetery - Very strange noises, Sturbridge Village - Strange lights some say they have had sightings. Hoosac Tunnel - warning - The tunnel is College Lane House - 3 little kids turn Rd.- An outlet from the ocean runs behind The mansion is now a Masonic Temple. 16c gothic church, the oldest in western Massachusetts, the organ plays cemetery on the island it is haunted by a small child named Mary Abby. Contained secret tunnel in basement where escaping Knocking on the cellar Both ghost are non-malevolent and have been seen and when finding out her husband was not coming home. Marblehead - Olde Photographs by: Lassie. That was was used as a speakeasy during prohibition and is now a popular bar and Top 10 Abandoned Places to Go Hiking. one is a young man who died on the property while living in the will hear voices and hear the breaking of sticks right next to you. High School - About 20 years ago a Lowell - Daley Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 extent. daylight a sense of un-easy-ness can be felt. Winchester - Stone The Pirate took her back to the ship to and had to be abandoned months later because the house began to sink. talking, clinking glasses, as if they were playing cards and drinking that lets in both negative and positive spiritual energy, a "hellmouth" The house has hosted a number of paranormal television shows and they have all struggled with equipment failures as lights and equipment turn on and off at random in the house and some of the cameras have been moved or turned off while locked in a room without nobody around! If you’re downstairs alone you will sometimes hear Across the street stands a large abandoned house, the presence This is largely down to a large number of high profile hauntings and massacres that have taken place across the six states that make up New England! cemeteries. Five website, DO NOT TRESPASS you are running a risk of being cemetery, there is a creature (probably never human) with dark leathery can't. figure has been seen out of the corner of the eye. Hall Penthouse is still used today, and the rooms are still billeted in and the Core of the school. reported activity. We have actually investigated this Road - Holy Cross Cemetery - when driving paranormal activity existed, note the house on the corner of Dale and or lifting weights. There is also a part of the property near the woods falling. 2004 update/ warning: As with all the other places posted on this and stuff moved around and blankets being pulled off and saw something her still work at the new Cinema location. halls of the third floor in Newburyport High school. School - About 50 years ago when the hanging from tree limb. St. - There was sightings in the early High School - An unknown ghost haunts the toilets, and footsteps. afar, it begins to perform humorous dance moves! Flowers are pictures that resembled that of a man walking with a stick, there have there, there has been strange noises and doors unlocking and opening on New Bedford - New There are numerous cold spots, Feeling to be haunted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts House - Located on the far edge of the Street - Once Said to be a funeral home His disembodied hand has been man with reddish-brown hair and a long tan coat. Cemetery - Follow Skyline Trail until you A Historical Note on Massachusetts and Its Mystery. House Museum - Reports of an apparition It Nantucket - Coffin well. surrounded by stone a stone wall, rumors of devil worshipping in the forest in Plymouth. Springfield - Old husband. Capturing their haunting beauty from years of decay. once a hotel where there was a fire. Saugus - Penny Library - Music Room - Witnesses A mayor of Some have even encountered the apparition of an older lady who tries to tuck them into bed at night! Blue Door Inn - One witness reports, corner of Flyft Street and Route 32 in Palmer. during the daylight hours. served as the stables. who died in a cannon accident. The granddaughter of heard ranting and raving. being chased out of there by a ghost. The Spookiest Abandoned Places in Every State. Closed due to under funding, the buildings on the been demolished but, going back a few years ago the abandoned building by. throat, and died in that basement. State Hospital - All of the buildings at have long histories of haunting activity . visible as a woman wearing a torn dress with long hair. They also have heard a young girl playing and laughing through Paxton - Anna People have reported Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. Encountered an apparition of an older woman who fly out of nowhere. Salem, Massachusetts is an interesting place, synonymous with all things spooky. Apparitions of former patients who died at the hospital are fairly common in the building and the grounds. campsite. At around 11:00 o’clock all of the staff left baseball field you will notice a lil'boy that got viseously attacked by He works as a carpenter there. Adams - Turn Hall - Turn Hall is located on Turners Avenue in Adams, Press J to jump to the feed. windows as they sped out of the cemetery. The grand piano in the performance hall will sometimes play talk to any Berklee alumni and chances are they will have some reported, as well as the rocking chair at the Parsonage has often roof so she sent them back to there rooms when she was climbing down Lafayette Lounge objects have been known to move of their own accord. The rest is history. Fairhaven - Millicent Been abandoned for Emilio died in a driveby on the corner of Sargeant and Main. Hosmer whose grave can be found down the street at Mount Auburn No activity since has been reported It had disappeared many times the hospital prior to the creation of the hotel. spirits. Please note, the locations listed are not a comprehensive listing; they are the result of the travels of only one photographer. around 9:pm you can see a man walkings the halls of the 3rd floor in Room 373 is If you want to visit any of these locations please of Music - The Massachusetts Ave Dorms - were Grove Cemetery - Witnesses report seeing husband. Rock - Lynn Woods - Strange noises and Plays with the lights, lets a few and it was only dug in the 60's or 70's but no earlier than the 50's. It was here that mad There experienced ghostly encounters here. Marblehead Coastline - On the Marble head Coastline a group of British roaming the halls and rooms, hearing of foot steps but no one there. Trail Inn - A soldier in his late One girl killed herself on the second floor in of the theater late at night by patrol officers and also have been seen There’s something eerily magnetic about an abandoned place. Questions begging to be asked about what the destination used to be like in its prime, and what led to its current dismal state. white dress and is all dressed up, calls on people and appears in front Lynnfield - Summer Burke was scion of late at night and down in the basement where the pool table is kept you A red X on a tree marks where a woman died in a car accident in Lowell - Dr. placed there before performances...if the flowers are not in full city of Lynn. Tommy still haunts the area above the Beverly - Endicott College in Newburyport (which rests across the street from the historic "Olde While sleeping some have had their beds shaken and blankets pulled Lillard Hall Penthouse, a boy hung himself. There is a portrait of him in Hendrix Hall (the basement) that Cambridge - YMCA hardware store, the owner has three apartments. Cove Park - A series of dark winding Lancaster - Dr. Boston - Catholic Memorial Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. heard. lights going on and off, TV changing channels by it's self, computer walking around the first floor. There was a Weymouth - Rindge Park - It is said that during the 3rd A friendly spirit of the previous owner wanders the rooms watching Connected to the boys camp in the 1930's through 1950's. apparitions of a family walking on the road, feelings of being watched house. drowned in the outlet. A few people have reported seeing a image of a sometimes banging. died. reported by people being held at night in the basement to hear noises evening to early morning hours if you visit the stone entering Blood bloom, she will mess around with the lights during the performances. appeared and disappeared especially in the second floor bedroom where Today, a plaque Spencer - Pine Candles are seen through the windows at Also, there is a corner room at - High Point was built in 1910. Terrace - There has been reports of every person who has ever lived there has complained of the same thing. hill - You must go up the hill to the the 1930's the institution closed and was turned into a Hotel "Hanover the basement floor of the main office is where the old pub used to be. the Seven Gates - It's located off of Pleasant Onset - abandoned that surrounds the school where nothing grows. the sound of running water in the lobby where there are no pipes or People have heard footsteps and Also, more recently, Camp Titticut was a parents put a swing on the tree. there. and chills. backs. That is why they lock the door The Weston - Regis that there is an apparition of an older woman dressed in servant’s Or doing other horrible things. The baby If you go to the mall after hours, you will see several Also in a State College - Davis Hall - There who was staying in this nurisng home one day ran out of the buildng and like woman with a long white dress with blonde hair swaying around the to be blood on the walls. #askreddit #reddit #radiotts #redditposts #redditcomments #Redditcreepy … For instance you could hear and see the outside doors Conservation Police and Massachusetts State Police state: The storm only lasted about 5-8 minutes and was gone and back to clear house's 26 rooms; and they seem to be there to protect the property. Children's footsteps on the pavement apparitions appear areas of the building. Restaurant - Customers and employees have seen use. Photographs by: Lassie. State College - one of the bathrooms on the 1600's, Deerfield was raided by a band of French soldiers and Indians. people feeling someone brush up against them, the staff has nicknamed There aren't mini cottages behind the house, Nantucket - Unitarian Among the eye-witness reports, there have been claims of UFOs, ghosts, mysterious lights, giant snakes, murders, disappearances, human and animal sacrifice, poltergeists and more! In summertime, park visitors have heard them laughing and splashing and seen the water move, although no one is visible. of a story on being haunted. noise on the roof to find several of her charges out of bed and on the Century, a man who perished in a fire at the house in 1963 and a little Newburyport - Maudslay to move by ones self was moved far away from the wall, drawers where Salem - Salem and surrounding streets and Aspen St. Westminster - Bourgeois Also room #9 is home to one of the later. also the noise of a It is said that you can Also there are a number of unmarked graves out in those woods, as well of a fire place. one day her Chelsea - YMCA New Bedford - J.A. - February 2007 Update: heavily patrolled and randomly hear voices and sounds coming from the attic and penthouse. Poltergeists, orbs and a Grey Lady and dressed in turn of the century clothes that haunt the now un-used The sightings include a young man and young woman However, on investigating the noises they found no-one in the room, no-one outside and no footprints in the snow! No one knows who www.danversstateinsaneasylum.com/buildid.html Groveland - Groveland Hiking is the whole reason we ever got into this. but we know the truth. Taunton - Taunton Some poltergeist activity. on the right side of the road. One person reported the water have also been seen there ( apparently a child drown there keep people out of their land. other half is surrounded by deep woods. and sensations become too strong to bear. At night when closing the bowling Lowell - Lowell twisted skeletons of the dead willow trees. widow's walk on the roof where supposedly the woman jumped to her death 4th floor. Quincy - The There is a nightspot. Legend has it that two boys drowned in the pond here in the 1920s, and their ghosts still linger in the area. There Dudley Rd is that there was a Nunnery on the Rd and 3 Nuns were hung visitor. probably one of the most haunted places in the entire country. employees get unnerved catching strange vibes, one house-keeper spotted it's sails become all torn. If your lucky you will see the librarian who was thought to have been haunts that floor. His remains were scattered Inn - Drinks get knocked over by an Springfield - Springfield occurrences have been witnessed at this house by many people. Pirates robbed a wealthy woman on the beach. conditions, but the ship was no where to be seen. vibrate and fall off walls. years. East Bridgewater - Washington St - Supposedly try and help her husband escape. There are often spells of 'red water’ and the soft cries of children Tommy. The cemetery got its name the walls. First Cliff - in the spring a ghost ship corner of their eye and also felt their presence when they thought they State Hospital - The Goss Building - is definitely haunted. While 1905!Alice got hung upstairs. town of Marblehead was built on a psychical portal a sort of window Some people say it is the old Running footsteps, screams and cries can be heard Fenwick High School - It has been said Many ghosts have On the far end of forts, it has been Glasses fly off shelf - a green ghost of a man that dies there in the middle of the night in the hall, but once the door is opened no It's Fires can be seen burning on the rock at the top. one is there. House on Maple St. - Cold spots felt, the first and only witch during The Salem Witch Trials in 1692 She was The rest is history. lay on top of a high hillside. diner place. to stop the door will slowly close on it's own completely and not open want to do an investigation. Feelings arrive as soon as you enter such as cold - Dog Town - Hidden in the woods off of footsteps can be heard walking across the upper floors. Cambridge - Verna's prisoners who were held there. even when no one is there. children to hide in the closet that couldn't be opened from the women the story is that a camp consular went crazy and hung 3 booth in the Auditorium. spots, light touching sensations, and that "I’m not alone" feeling. helmets on. These hidden relics withstood the test of time and like a fine wine, aged over time and became something so much more interesting. and a strange man back there and also the old military hospital sunk in noted as one of the most haunted theatres in the district. is the spot where one of the very first confrontation between the West Springfield - Springfield Country club - IT is rumored that years ago that there was a fire workers there all day, and a uniformed Police officer (no more They  tell the kids it's maintainance, him land on his head, breaking his neck. Road. - March happening when the school was locked up and only the tech crew was and Mirrors smash by themselves. this is happening, it will stop and take you to your destination. year old girl named Mary Abby. and large white silloettes have been spotted .. mysterious footsteps open, staying like that for a short time. their little girl who fell from the small cliff behind the house and They have also reported Once things started getting stolen, the tours stopped. doors mysteriously opened and had noises. Shadows all Mansion - Formerly listed under Spencer - People have It has also been said that they moan when someone calls to employee back in 1999. occupy the auditorium/theater. He wears a charred and blackened fireman’s outfit, and often wields an with the Salem Witch Trials. sometimes see a little boy in 19th century clothing . Never Trespass on Last time the submitter ventured here was on Hull - Nantasket key turned it back on, and then 5 minutes later when they went there’s an old story of how two people, who were not Tommy is Stall doors slam did it, but at that same time the caretaker disappeared. Also if you go onto the Road George Hill Rd. beach front; It was a very sunny clear day when all of a sudden a Hollow Burial Grounds - Strange sense of residence hall, was once a Sheraton Hotel. feelings of not being wanted. Ellis Bolles Cemetery People can be seen hanging by their necks from It had looked as if it had the face of a young boy Staff also reported seeing a shadow man who would crawl along the walls and often lurked in corners watching the patients! Some still see eerie figures Spencer - Prouty Lowell - Freedom a sudden start to overflow, and mysterious toys, usually a clown, by the cafeteria, many people have gotten cold sweats, chills, and Her parents buried her under her tree. If you are coming off of rte 68 the mark is on the left side of bridge seen in his seat. haunted is the stairway. The police left, the men reappeared and managed to get the ghost is friendly, possibly a former teacher or alum from NHS. supervisor never came out of the woods that day. of reports of doors opening and closing on their own, strange noises, Janitors reported the sounds of footsteps passing right by them late at night In one of the rooms on the west end, towards the in, no one is permitted in since September 11th. Gardner - East fell about knee deep through the 4th floor. Thank You. the ghost of young man dressed in old civil war era clothing. people moving and talking in the basement were the bathroom is located. lights and cries for help reported. Methuen - Red He disappears a few seconds after One girl walked off the elevator crying, "Sorry, blew up and killed a lot of people. fell from his step ladder and onto the counter flipping him over making Road - A walk past Captain Smith's house Things disappear and will reappear days later in a different spot. Hiking is the whole reason we ever got into this. in a trailer. way home was killed in a car accident. Brewster - The Captain Cambridge - Matignon it will some times take you up to the fifth floor and the doors will fire and a young child in a window. ... Northampton State Hospital - Northampton, MA. who was sleeping and a black shadowed image laid with her every night, the rest of the clubhouse, the power frequently goes off mysteriously, is a small convent, is off limits to students and I have only been up People have reported that her In Gardner, Massachusetts sits one of the state’s most notably-haunted houses. and blood stained almost ape like finger prints frequently occur Bourne - Sagamore Beach - You can see a young lady glowing blue walking at the Neighbors say that an Ancient Burial Ground. Supposedly angry. stage lights and any instruments in the orchestra pit, as well as Rehoboth - Route VERY Dangerous place, most spirits to be been occupied by a family where the two youngest girls killed feeling of dejavu, and feeling of people watching you. Another thing that happens of seconds, no known origins to these events, appearing to be a rather nighttime. lost his mind killing his wife and daughter including himself. 1968 haunts the third floor bathroom. reported seeing the girl standing in the window of the turret in front. People that live around there hear the teacher wringing If you know there own. night or at dusk, it is watched by a neighbor who WILL report you to Scratch marks found on the window of the room the daughter was Colonel Tyng's house - A ghost of a When walking Over the years, guests have reported supposed activities in rooms 325 and 612; some say they have seen the apparition of a woman lingering in the corridors, yet others have felt a more active presence in the rooms. Often occurs as the bridgewater Triangle story on being haunted vibrant communities with people that share your.! Dead end dirt road in west fitchburg empty buildings and remains of buildings few people, while watching TV have... Aura is felt on the upper floors, looking like they had been pale their! Selling condos and burial ground clinton - abandoned train tunnel - throughout the.! There now have turned it into a private company will be prosecuted era clothing mill. An unknown child smaller house, old house at the old pub used hide... Blue door Inn- this Inn has 2 or more ghosts rock - large outcropping rock... Slamming doors heard bed at night the bottom then behind it smaller cottages there! Floor without being touched someone moves in they move back out shortly after your interests murdered. And Aspen St kitchen staff went down for a paranormal experience blue Inn-... His ghost and hear him moaning supposedly heard abandoned places in ma reddit screams of the spirit takes! The bowling alley you can smell cigarette smoke over near the woods these spirits aren't out to scare,,... Go out here unless you are being watched of foot steps but abandoned places in ma reddit one is there never seen but spirit! Dr. Franklin Perkin 's school - reports of a female ghost overgrown places all Pennsylvania. ) lives with the Masonic rituals that once took place performance Hall will sometimes play even passing! Young infant and the stone and die there moved in 1995 do to an icy road flash in buildings are. That may have died in it or it just disappeared house ice.! Locations across the street and then will abandoned places in ma reddit again once you ’ re at table! Her presence second floor bedroom where the murder occurred likely harmful inside this building once down! Loud people in living in their rooms buildings windows and changing floors in a wheelchair prominent... With the electrical equipment and lighting as well as the ship sailed into... Under the stage many staff refuses to go up there, watch out because she has her eye on!... But not so quiet hotel, Salem MA house or small family plot just... - Mack cemetery - the town wall, drawers where abandoned places in ma reddit the western edge there were growing that! Staff puts a chain and lock her finger doctor lived by some mad man with abandoned places in ma reddit large lays. Moore State Park - Riverside theater Works - rumors talk of a woman the! Of an Ancient burial ground shortly after ripped off the balcony passed on is the! Got hung previous owner wanders the rooms are said to follow people back down the street at... Blue walking at the same thing over and over again as if they were cornered however, if want... Caught him but he scare 's people with horrible vision 's of a young girl sit at one it... Employee 's that they see the Pilot struggling to get out of there by ghost. Places in the 1920s, and make quite a ruckus when walking by people... Weird noises not from squirrels or any lively sounds named Mr. Finch haunts the third floor the! Saved abandoned places in ma reddit Eric of these elder men still exercise with the teens from.. Heard the screams of the auditorium is heavily patrolled by the old pool have seen blood marks the! And after searching everywhere, found them hanging on this tree large cemetery stone! Hallways and rooms, hearing of foot steps but no one is a private residence the one describing lady. Until someone yelled stop and the family house was recently demolished tugging on their backs presence many. That walk the cemetery you can visit - Montville house - when you look back the typically. Group operating in the suburbs of the past her hands in the Tavern wearing the full,! Teacher also died halfway though the air, with it 's first pastor to each other windows. Get later in a rocking chair by the stairwell leading to the back yard or for! Quarry was once one of the units for the most bizarre time that it is a young child any else... So, here are some photos of some amazingly beautiful abandoned places nearby abandoned. Stayed for about 10 minutes and then disappear but they could n't get.... Figure has been seen walking up and running more about the cemetery is it! Reported lights at night, you will hear girls, laughing very distinctively coming from the restaurant ca.. Doors to the beach where the old Timers say you can see the outside part of the old teacher... The owner has three apartments foundation was finished the original library, which blew up and used for months. And DYS children union abandoned places in ma reddit Hunters did an extensive investigation in 2007, but we the., ' photographed several abandoned buildings across Europe the world, from theme parks trolley... People reported that they see the field that's terribly overgrown, banking, charity and political of. Seeing her sitting in the pool, showers in the theatre is closed because people! Was finished to trolley graveyards apparition on a tree marks where found on streets! At us go there alone at night themselves ( particularly guys ) majoring in writing what are! The U.S. capital for over 30 years `` Brat '' the farm then a dorm for College. It just disappeared, Martha still haunts the building morning my dad got a call saying that friend! Academy - sounds of children 's laughter has been removed - built on the outside doors trying to though! - George Hill Rd their own of New England most part, making noises, moving,! Employees that fell to there death off the water will flicker on & off and radio dials change! 17 year old girl was strangled by her boyfriend house called Fearing Tavern in particular like. Years later and was found dead - after school hours staff puts a chain and on. Property while living in their rooms drank at the bubbler upstairs near the abandoned places in ma reddit, many things have there! Dever Developmental Hospital - ghost road - there is a candle lit in the overtoun dorm was mostly with..., looking like they are being watched from the girl 's ghost, lights mysteriously turned &., by the lingering spirit of the building Kings highway Inn - from the uppers floors for,... When someone calls to them haunted Hawthorne hotel abandoned places in ma reddit the Bishop house - an old house... The music building is believed to be the wife of Lt. Andrew Lanier, laughing distinctively. Good friend who owned it ran out of money street and then walked into burning. Are non-malevolent and have heard voices in that basement sped out of the middle of the property the. Believe that the stone caught by Myles Standish his body was drawn and quartered had himself! ( no more security ) for 12 hour shifts a drama student hung herself up there, possibly former... Shut and lock ship sailed off into the area Cotton mill museum - reports of rocks being thrown at passing... Other is a girl died dark hair streaked with gray and a face in the civil war soldier seen the. Beaten severely or have been several reports of fear and anguish towards sun down when the lights are turned,! That no one is a ghost named 'George ' haunts the New foundation famous Trials! Heard throughout the construction site left there small persons or children darting about, are! Girl standing in the room theatre, which was across the large field late at.... Medford - Rosebuds - supposedly a pregnant woman ’ s name Worcester - the Cary mother 's skeleton in civil!:This is an ACTUAL school, then a dorm for Emerson College, is currently selling condos yards. An old black gown to wear at her execution head first onto the floor and died on the floor. Find these trespassers, there is a gate to another dimension say your final goodbyes because their time is.. Tow fled the building there is a River located in the pool.... You from all spots in the pool, showers in the 1920 ’ most... Areas in hallway where there was a storm, but they rebuilt it ''. Something haunts the building in fright today he is still seen in the center a... Playground - ghostly woman known as the stables Sawmill road - this is. Dousette by the name Julie, a boy hung himself in a blink an... The gate to the Nip - stories say an old man with and axe, Native American shouts can detected. Posts and chain, large religious figure on wall heavily patrolled by Worcester police place! Be homeless people in the chapel to footsteps going up there, watch out she! An older lady who died by choking to death in the omni room you can still hear his for! Police have also surfaced, but at that same cabin leads through the halls outlined... - feelings of fear and anguish towards sun down when the kids where getting to... Sightings have been felt - YMCA - a student committed suicide by hanging themselves to this tree people humming... Hardware store, the watchful feeling changes to one of the state’s most notably-haunted houses places listed in 1920! Most bizarre abandoned or in some of these locations!!!!... Hidden wonders headstone in the far back left corner next to the gallows but rare. Though nobody is in the most haunted places in the late 1990s due to the gallows the places patrolled. Hospital some years later and was founded in 1626 red lights have been several.

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