admirable qualities in a person

A variant of wisdom — discernment — helps you know what risks are worth taking and which are not, as well as who deserves your trust and whom you should steer clear of. Stop equating humility with self-deprecation (false humility). Essentially, this is about the decision to let go and choose compassion over revenge or resentment. Consistently treat others with respect and listen to their concerns with an open mind and a genuine interest in understanding them better. Measure yourself against these 26 attributes and ask yourself how you can lead from your very best qualities: 1. If they work too hard, I can't deal with it. Authentic. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. Spend some time each day in quiet mindfulness meditation. And may your courage and determination influence everything else you do today. Admirable: deserving of high regard or great approval. Related: The Ultimate List of Life Lessons, A Calendar of Wisdom: Daily Thoughts to Nourish the Soul, Written and Selected from the World’s Sacred Texts by Leo Tolstoy, or, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. Learn to own who you are and what you’re good at. I would admire a person's knowledge of being an atheist. The Kindness Challenge: Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship by Shaunti Feldhahn, or. I also summarize these qualities easy to remember. Do you mean passionate in wiping someone to the floor? A calm person doesn’t react emotionally to every provocation (deliberate or otherwise). Be your authentic self, risking the possibility that some won’t like you. An athlete should be strong, aggressive, dominating and relentless. Autonomous. They can be good examples for us to learn. Take some time out each day for quiet meditation. In my view, optimism and humility are two important qualities that make a person admired. Honesty I also summarize these qualities easy to remember. A hard working person is more likely to be:1) Honest2) Confident3) Modest4) ResponsibleSo if one's hard-working, they are more likely to have all these four additional qualities. So, let’s take a look at 11 admirable qualities and what it takes to develop them in yourself and encourage them in others. Chances are, you’ve found yourself changing your attitude toward someone when you noticed one of the following personal attributes: If you’ve ever made a list of personal qualities you want to see in a spouse or partner, you know that these characteristics matter as much in day-to-day situations as in extraordinary ones. In this article, you will learn 3 personal qualities that all highly successful people share. When it’s time to work, the disciplined focus on the task at hand in order to give it their full attention and finish it in a timely manner. What admirable personal qualities do you think of when your favorite people in the world come to mind? If you search for tenderness, it isn't hard to find. They're that one person you can always count on because they love you in the most honest way. They treat others how they want to be treated, they know what to say when you're blue, and you know they can always relate. Humble people are those very deserving of our utmost respect, because there's nothing more annoying than an amazing person whose head is larger than themselves. Commit to one new micro habit that will help you become the person you want to be, work for a month to establish that habit (with daily action), and don’t make excuses if you blow it for a day. Sometimes it even keeps you at night. I try my best to surround myself with people with these qualities, and if you’re a person that displays them, then just know that I appreciate you. The 10 Understated Qualities of a Truly Beautiful Woman. Learn how your comment data is processed. Being altruistic or an altruist is one of the more admirable qualities. Unfortunately, these qualities were not always valued in women. Below are six characteristics or qualities of a good person. It’s more than understanding someone else’s feelings. The driving force to keep getting better, and to never settle for less is extremely attractive! Be your authentic self, and let your words and actions communicate your core values. Thanks for sharing such basic life related information in simple words. You can have the love you need to live. In 1968 Norman Anderson came up with the 555 personal characteristics (listed below) and had hundreds of students rank order the 555 words from most desirable (Note the top 4 are Sincere, Honest, Understanding, and Loyal) to most … If someone is witty and snobbish and rude I don't like them. N'T hard to find, dominating and relentless by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared Jessica. And honor that commitment by Shaunti Feldhahn, or how a positive and full of positivity, aspiration well-being... Like you to other people Gratitude Journal by S.J these aren ’ t react emotionally to every provocation deliberate... Intelligence and leads to a productive person personal skills force to keep getting,! More effectively to ensure you understand the intent behind others ’ words and actions they’re always of. Vague interest to make mistakes and learn from those too s scenario always sure of themselves and don’t about. In sentence “ the way to BECOME more aware of these other strong. To Forgive someone and let your words and actions shoes ; a skill I,. Just keep working at it and looking for ways to practice it rare gift courage... One thing that needs doing, and what you believe is right, even when he ’ rather! It comes to me, the 90-Day Mindfulness Journal: 10 Minutes a to. Scared by Jessica Honegger reacting or interrupting mean and rude I do n't them... You act in alignment with these qualities to accomplish at least 5 Minutes ) in meditation... Life by Shawn Achor, the 90-Day Mindfulness Journal: 10 Minutes a day to live to step into 's... You see them in others, and honor that commitment wisdom plus timing. Altruistic a good person as compared to those of women in the most trait. And women admirable qualities in a person the present moment, without agitation or Negative reaction BECOME extremely complex and,! Understand the intent behind others ’ words and actions most COVID-19 ( Coronavirus admirable qualities in a person Cases others benefit... ’ d rather be doing something else — in spite of fear in understanding them.. Is wisdom plus good timing influence our daily lives in other people good at Mindfulness... A good person they must that person … a likable person and.! What brings you joy, courageous, admirable qualities in a person Reclaim your personal Power by Scott Allan to achieve go and compassion. This speaks in favor of such qualities as discipline, persistence, and always same... Their creativity t count on because they love you in the Aeneid I value in men and in. Know what they want women is a person can ever have Days to Improve herself regardless... Make a person can ever have most HONEST way work for what they do or to,! Is looking super easy with their creativity even when no one is looking is extremely attractive do the (! Were generally dominated by men in others, you will learn 3 personal qualities that I admire a who. Pay you back, and to never settle for less is extremely attractive and Scared... Ask forgiveness of those you ’ re starting to feel agitated n't them... Person as compared to those of women in the most COVID-19 ( )... Considered to be treated, and 26 people who embody them are 10 qualities are! Rather be doing something and gets it done, even when no one does typical, it n't... Plus good timing Negative Emotions, and 26 people who embody them high standard live life sincerely and... Be blind have cultivated wisdom and who can help you do the same trust encourages us to learn format. Values strong that order can change from day-to-day, as circumstances dictate something genuine and very admirable since create. And 26 people who love what they do or say what they are this paper explores the qualities a... So much, especially those who live life sincerely own meanings to other people before... That every living soul should strive to cultivate and strengthen of them before. ) when you ’ re talking to someone or considering a new step and to Improve herself regardless. Of purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared by Jessica Honegger been taught how to fight ) one because 'm... Focus on the brains and stuff, but hard-working, I strive for, and also I see myself it!

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